Disulfides & organelles

Jeff Cohlberg cohlberg at csulb.edu
Mon Nov 11 12:14:25 EST 1996

Louis Hom (lhom at nature.berkeley.edu) wrote:
: 	So my question is, is it generally true that you'd expect to see
: disulfide formation in structures/organelles that are topologically
: equivalent to the outside of the cell? 

Yes.  For example, my understanding is that disulfide bonds are introduced
into secreted proteins by enzymes localized in the ER lumen, and the
oxidizing potential of the ER lumen and the various Golgi compartments
preserves the SS bond until the protein is secreted.  My uninformed guess
would be that lysosomal enzymes contain SS bonds to help preserve their
conformation in the extreme lysosomal environment.

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