Cost of Epogen Production / Treatment.

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> To anyone who can help me,
> I'm a forth year student at the Robert Gordon Universtiy in Aberdeen,
> Scotland.  I'm desperately seeking information on some of the economic
> implications of synthetically produced Erythropoietin (AKA EPO, Epogen,
> etc.).  Can anyone tell me how much it would cost to produce say, 100ml
> of the stuff?  How much would it cost to treat a patient with EPO for a
> month?
> If no-one can answer my questions directly,  I'd appreciate it if someone
> could suggest where I might find the information I need.
> Thanks for your time folks,  Alan Mercer.

You should be able to get information about the costs of EPO treatment
from the Amgen sales and marketing people.  We have an office in
Cambridge, UK, tel. 011 44 1223 420305. You would probably also be able
to get such information from organizations providing support for kidney
disease patients.

You should probably look at the info available about EPO on the Amgen
web site,  The specific link to a page about EPO is

This page leads to background info about EPO and its actions, physician
prescription info, and information about our Patient Assistance Program
for those who cannot afford to pay for EPO treatment, and pointers to
various kidney disease organizations.

EPO, a protein hormone, is not measured in milliliters.  Internally we
measure it in micrograms, but for prescription purposes it is measured
in activity units, based on an international standard.  I believe those
international units are based on formation of red blood cell precursors
in an in vitro bone marrow assay, but I am not sure about that.

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