small volume dialysis

Michael DiDonato michael.didonato at
Tue Nov 12 15:19:06 EST 1996

In article <009AB424.1AC6CEA0.10 at UFCC.UFL.EDU>, kewugator at UFCC.UFL.EDU wrote:

> Hi, there:
> I am going to dialysis some proteins (30 KDa) in very small volume (20 ul).
> Any body has any idea that how can I have a good recovery of the proteins and 
> what kind of dialysis apparatus can be used to get the maximum recovery
of the 
> proteins.
> Thanks.
>                                                 Ke Wu

Dialysis buttons would be the best in this case I think.  You can get them
in a range of sizes from
5 micro liters to ~500 micro liters I think.  Unfortunately I don't know
who supplies them.

Good Luck..

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