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Thu Nov 14 03:34:30 EST 1996

ppanutat at CENTRAL.MURDOCH.EDU.AU (Panomporn Panutat) wrote:

>I have a problem with eluting protein from Ni-column (QIAGEN) . I
followed spin column protocol described by the manufacturers but the protein
remains bound to the column. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can
elute my protein without denaturing it. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.



Dear Panomporn,

There are many possible reasons why there was no protein in your eluate   
from the Ni-NTA spin column, however it is not possible to advise you   
without access to further information. Please call QIAGEN Technical   
Services. In Australia, QIAGEN Pty Ltd can be reached at (03) 9489 3666. 
We would be happy to share our experience with you, and do our best to
help you successfully purify your protein under non-denaturing conditions.


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