secretory proteins

Gurcharan Pahwa gspahwa at
Thu Nov 14 18:12:05 EST 1996

 intend to study the O-linked glycosylation of a polypeptide in cells. For
that matter I intend to use a custom designed oligonucleotide for its
stable expression in mammalian cell cultures. I need an eukaryotic
expression vector with features such as a strong promotor (SV40 etc), a
selection marker, signal peptide for secretory proteins, polypeptide
sequence for processing in the golgi.I will need complete restriction map
to design my oligo. I shall greatly admire to have such an expression
vector so that we are able to insert our oligonucleotide  for expression
of the corresponding protein and further secretion into the medium.
I look forward to your valuable advice. Thanks


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