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}I would like to know all properties of each amino acid. Does anyone
}know where to find these.

There are lots of amino acid resources on the web.  Here are a few of them:
   Look at: Amino Acid Analysis Server at EMBL (under "Computational Servers")
            Amino Acids (under "Small BioMolecule Resources")
            Amino Acid Images and Data (under "Small BioMolecule Resources")
            Amino Acid Information (under "Small BioMolecule Resources")
            KLOTHO (under "Small BioMolecule Resources")
            Protein Backbone-dependent Side-chain Rotamer Library
                   (under "Small BioMolecule Resources")
   Look under: Hydrophobicity and Properties of Amino Acids
      Look at:    The 20 Physiological Amino Acids
                  Modified Amino Acid Derivatives

Enjoy looking at these sites; they're all quite good IMHO.

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