Picture of Erythropoietin.

933467u at app_science.rgu.ac.uk 933467u at app_science.rgu.ac.uk
Sun Nov 10 10:58:09 EST 1996

To anyone who can help me,

I'm a fourth year student at the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen,
Scotland who is trying to find information on erythropoietin.  In 
synthetically produced form this hormone is also known as "EPO", "Eprex" 
and "Procrit".

Can anyone tell me where I might find one of those multi-coloured 
pictures of the actual protein, showing how it folds?  You know the sort 
of thing I mean..... each different type of atom is represented by a 
different colour of ball?

If no-one can answer my question directly, I'd appreciate it if someone 
can tell me where I might find the information.

Thanks for your time folks,  Alan Mercer.

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