Streaking on nitrocellulose and PVDF membranes

Jeffrey Yuziuk jayuziuk at
Mon Nov 18 10:51:20 EST 1996

I get the same thing! I'm using 4-chloro-napthol to visualize. One thing I
noticed is that I don't have the problem when I don't use reducing agent
in my sample buffer. As a matter of fact, when I load half the gel with
sample containing 2-ME or DTT, and the other half of the same gel with the
same sample minus the reducing agents, I get streaks only on the half of
the gel with the reducing agent, but not on the side without. I also tried
cleaning the glass ware...


Demeke, Tigst (tdemeke at wrote:
: I consistently get streaks on my western blots....(etc.)

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