His-Tag protein expression and purification

Jose F Gutierrez Marcos jfgm at st-andrews.ac.uk
Mon Nov 18 04:26:59 EST 1996

In the last two years the number of people working with His-tag proteins 
have increased dramaticaly, as well as the number of questions about this 
procedure that I consider very simple and also very tricky at the same time.

As a person involved in this technique I would like to suggest people 
with "good experience" to give as many tips as possible. Note that the 
most difficult thing at the moment is the purification under "native 
conditions" and I would like to focus the disscusion on this particular 
point. Also some people find difficult to get a high expression or 
toxicity problems.

I will be delited to select and group all the suggestions to make them 
available to everybody.

If you think you can give some tips, please don't hesitate in spending a 
few minutes of your time.

E-mails colected at :::::: jfgm at st-and.ac.uk

Please make your post as clear as possible.

Thank you all for your cooperation

Jose Marcos
Plant Science
Univ. St. Andrews

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