acetone precipitation of samples (for SDS PAGEs)

Dr E. Buxbaum EB15 at
Mon Nov 18 13:22:33 EST 1996

siyer at (Sai) wrote:
>hey all, 
>            i've posted this before, but i figured i'd try again to see if
>there were any other ideas.  i've been doing acetone precipitation to
>remove salts from my samples prior to loading on sds gels.  the basic
>protocol is add 8 vol. of acetone to 1 vol. of protein sample --->
>the problem is see is that istill get streaks in my gels.  

At such a high solvent to water ratio you may precipitate salts to. Try 
to use less aceton. If that does not work, acid ethanol precipitation, 
chloroform/methanol precipitation or phenol extraction may.

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