PDB review

Mr. G. Morley gmorley at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Wed Nov 20 07:57:18 EST 1996

Doug wrote:
>I am interested in a set of crystal structures which were published in
>"Science" in June 96. They have been under review since September.
>Does anyone know how long the "review preocess" takes?

>-Waiting with baited breath,

I have been waiting for a crystal structure that has been
under review for about the sme time (CDK2).
I e-mailed the contact address they gave at the brookhaven
database but so far have not yet recieved a reply (it was
only yesterday so I'm not panicing yet:)).
I will let you know any info they give me...however you
might want to e-mail them as well just to "chivvey" them along.
The address is at the PDB ( I use the brookahaven one).
Good luck.
Gary Morley

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