Reducing potential of Thiol compunds

Stephen C. Dahl stebby at
Tue Nov 19 17:19:53 EST 1996

Dima Klenchin (klenchin at wrote:
: In article <56r2n1$sn0 at>, sfestin at wrote:
: #
: #Does anyone know a resource for this info?  I need to compare the
: #reducing potentials of DTT, DTE, BME and Glutathione in a protein
: #reduction experiment.  If you can help, please reply.  Anything would
: #help.

: Don't now the ref. but it's DTT=DTE>BME>GI

: - Dima

I'm with Dima.  I can't say where I got the info from, but have always 
used DTT at 1 mM and BME about a log up--say 10mM, but really 14.4 mM since 
BME is 14.4 M in stock and a 1:1000 is much easier on the brain.


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