Protein binding to eppendorf/cuvette walls.

Simon Hopkins S.A.Hopkins at
Thu Nov 21 08:28:10 EST 1996

I've had similar problems with protein adhesion, but vortexing the hell 
out of the protein? Not very good lab practice....from experience! 
Vigourous mixing can damage the protein especially if you get bubbles 
(the surface tension seems to put too much strain on the protein - 
especially those normally found inside cells; i.e. not secreted).

The most sensible thing to do would be to convert to siliconised vials - 
yes they are reasonably reproducible, and your controls should make up 
the deficit.

Also try adding detergents, Brij-35 (1%) always did the job for me! If 
all this fails then either find a large building to jump off or a large 
batch of protein - high concentrations of proteins always works since 
you only see adhesion effect in dilute samples.

Hope the original sender has some luck!!!

Geordie Si...

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