Why freeze autorads?

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In <57008p$1nem at news.doit.wisc.edu>, klenchin at facstaff.wisc.edu writes:
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>->Samuel C. Blackman wrote:
>->> My labmates and I, obviously with too much time on our hands, were
>->> wondering why we put our 32P-labelled autorads in the freezer at -80C.
>->	The absorption and emission properties of the material in 
>->intensifying screens depend on temperature.  The screens are more 
>->efficient at low temp.  It will take someone with more familiarity with 
>->molecular orbital theory than me to give you a more precice reason.  
>I don't think so. Intensifying screens emit light upon absorption of
>high-energy particles. Light excites silver on film. Freezer is to 
>increase sensitivity of latter. 

Please see my post under "Re: Re: Why freeze autorads". 
It is the screen & not the film which responds; this is experimentally demonstrated. 

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