Elucidate recise protein-binding DNA sequence by CD

Lee, Ji Hyun newera at plaza.snu.ac.kr
Sun Nov 24 21:41:24 EST 1996

I have a new DNA binding protein which is presumed homodimer or
homotrimer. Its bindng DNA sequence is roughly known, that is its exact
sequence is not known yet so I would like to elucidate the minmum DNA
sequence for the protein to bind to by CD(Circular Dichroism). If I
synthesize some DNA sequences which consist of different number of
residues, can I find the minimum sequence observing the change of the
protein spectrum as I titrate the DNA's to the protein solution. In
other words, can I find a minimum sequence which cause the same change
of the protein spectrum as the longer DNA's do?

Second qeustion: I heard the binding constant between DNA and its
binding protein could be estimated by CD. Could you recommend some
references on it?

Third question: Are there any other CD-related news groups or mailing

Any comment on either above will be helpful to me.

Thank you very much.

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