Q: help with scintillation counting

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Mon Nov 25 14:40:18 EST 1996

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>To all on this topic.  The most important thing to remeberabout aqueous
sample counting is that you only have one phase.  For most common
scintillants the range of 6 -15% is two phase territory and can not be
used.  Check with the manufacture about your scintillant.  The other thing
to avoid is luminescicence which occurs if you have an acid/ base rxn
going on 
Your scintilation counter should report a value called lumex  If it varies
wildly then place samples in the -20 freezer for 15 min then count.
If you use a toluene based cocktail for aqueous samples you are using the
wrong one because that is for organic samples not aqeous one

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