protein phosphorylation, HELP!

Panagiotis Vagenas p.vagenas at
Tue Nov 26 05:37:15 EST 1996


I would like to ask for some advice on the process of
reversible protein phosphorylation.
I have to write an essay, describing the process, explaining
how it is done and how the enzymes that catalyse the phosphorylation
(kinases) and the dephosphorylation (phosphatases) work.
My textbooks give the basic information, but not enough detail
for a 5-page essay and books from the college library are too specific
explaining the function of specific enzymes on particular proteins.
I would appreciate any help on this, especially some references or
anything that might explain what generally happens during protein
phosphorylation and dephosphorylation, in some detail (especially how
these enzymes work).

Thank you very much!

Panos Vagenas

Biochemistry U.G.1
Imperial College
London SW7 2AY

(p.vagenas at

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