Non-duterated DPC(Dodecylphosphocholine)

Lee, Ji Hyun newera at
Tue Oct 1 07:41:24 EST 1996

I have plan to elucidate structure of micelle-bound peptide by NMR. For
preliminary experiment I am trying to measure CD(Circular dichroism)
spectrum of my peptide in several kinds of membrane-like detergent
solutions such as SDS(sodium dodecylphosphate),
DPC(Dodecylphosphocholine). Now, I got a problem that I don't know how I
can get such detergent especially DPC, DPG(Dodecylphosphoglycol). 

1. I'd like to have some information on how to contact with companies
dealing with such detergent. Of course since CD doesn't require
duterated detergent, I need non-duterated DPC, DPG.

2. Could you tell me any newsgroup involved with such items.

Send me either above, please.
I searched sigma catalog for nothing.

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