Info on Improper folding and diseases !

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>Hi !
>I am interested in knowing more about  improper
>protein folding leading to diseases in animal systems !
>With special reference to humans..
>Can anyone suggest where this kind of information may be 
>obtainable : on the net, books references etc. ?
>Any leads in this matter will be greately apprecaited..

You can start with these:

Bychkova, V.E. & Ptitsyn, O.B. "Folding intermediates are involved in 
genetic diseases?"
      FEBS lett. 359, 6-8 (1995)

Thomas, P.J., Qu, B-H. & Pedersen, P.L. "Defective protein folding as a
 basis of human disease"
      TIBS 20, 456-459 (1995)

There are many references therein.



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