Info on Improper folding and diseases !

Andrew Wallace a.wallace at
Wed Sep 4 09:46:11 EST 1996

Jawahar Swaminathan wrote:
> Hi !
> I am interested in knowing more about  improper
> protein folding leading to diseases in animal systems !
> With special reference to humans..
> Can anyone suggest where this kind of information may be
> obtainable : on the net, books references etc. ?
> Any leads in this matter will be greately apprecaited..
> cheers
> Jawahar

A recent article appeared about this in the 15th March issue of Science 
in a research news piece entitled "Misfolding the way to disease" which 
gives some useful background on the topic. Some people now think that 
this is the basis behind diseases like Alzheimer's and the prion 
diseases (if the prion hypothesis is correct) where misfolding of an 
existing host protein causes deposition of fibrils of beta-sheet protein 
and (somehow) cell death with consequent neurological damage. There may 
be other tissues which are susceptible to this, such as the pancreas, 
where it is thought that deposition of protein fibrils is associated 
with diabetes. These are just a few examples but there may be others.

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