protein complex on denaturing gel

Arioch, Lord of Chaos siyer at
Wed Sep 4 11:27:21 EST 1996

if your protein is a 120kda and you're picking up a band that's roughly
250 kda, i'd say that it is most likely a hi.molec.wt aggregate of your
protein.  how soluble/insoluble is your protein??  if your protein is
pretty cranky and not that soluble, then that's what i would venture the
other band to be.  this idea would be more credible if you found bands
that are in the multiples of 120 i.e a 360 kda band etc...i would figure
that's easy enough to find out by running a lower percentage gel, although
i dont know how low you could go...hope this helps...cheers...

Arioch, Lord of Chaos
siyer at
graduate student, Dept of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
University of Alabama at Birmingham...

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