Info on Improper folding and diseases !

Dima Klenchin klenchin at
Wed Sep 4 19:00:11 EST 1996

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   jswamin at CATI.CSUFRESNO.EDU (Jawahar Swaminathan) wrote:
->Hi !
->I am interested in knowing more about  improper
->protein folding leading to diseases in animal systems !
->With special reference to humans..
->Can anyone suggest where this kind of information may be 
->obtainable : on the net, books references etc. ?
->Any leads in this matter will be greately apprecaited..

I would really need to dig deep in my DB to find the refs
but I'm pretty sure that some cases of retinal degeneration are caused by 
mutations that cause rhodopsin misfolding. 

- Dima

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