a good protocol for far westerns/overlays??

SAM b7jp at musicb.mcgill.ca
Thu Sep 5 03:25:37 EST 1996

Gerald W. Hart wrote:
> hey all,
>          does anybody have or know where i can get a good (tried and
> tested) protocol for doing far westerns (protein overlays)??  so far, i've
> attempted doing it using a standard western blot protocol and i end up
> with very dirty looking exposures of the blots (i've already eliminated
> adjusting exposure time by ecl, washing a gazillion times and decreasing
> the concentration of the secondary antobody...).  any help would be
> appreciated...thx much...please email to siyer at bmg.bhs.uab.edu .

What is your bis:acrylamide ratio? If you make it 1:100 it should do the

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