HP 8450A

Cor Witteveen cor at codon.nih.gov
Mon Sep 9 10:14:42 EST 1996

I'm using a Hewlett Packard 8450A, an old diode array spectrophotometer
which is controlled by an internal Hewlett packard computer. The machine
is still working fine, but analyzing my data is a drag since I am not able
to get the data from the HP computer to a dos or macintosh computer.  I
was wondering whether anybody has a simple data aquisition program that
hooks up a dos computer to the HP 8450A through the RS323 port.
Controlling the machine this way is not necessary. Just data aquisition or
export of stored data from the HP computer to a dos computer would be
please e-mail me directly: cor at codon.nih.gov

thanks, Cor

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