anti-phospho-ser/thr antibody

Mr. D.M. Shaw incubus at
Wed Sep 11 06:27:45 EST 1996

jshao at BOTANY.UFL.EDU wrote:
: Hi, netters: 
: Are there any venders for the anti-phospho-ser/thr antibody? Has someone
: tried? What about the specificity? 
: I saw one paper about the generation and use of phosphothreonine ( Heffetz,
: M. et al, Eur. J. Biochem. 182, 343, 1989), is there a commercial source
: now?
: Your answers are highly appreciated.
: Jiahong Shao
: Graduate student
: Dept. of Botany
: Univ. of Florida
Try contacting Amersham life sciences (UK), they do a few antibodies
of this type.

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