Request info on semi-dry blotters :)

Cornelius Krasel krasel at
Wed Sep 11 10:19:30 EST 1996

BroweC (browec at wrote:
> How do the
> various companies compare (Bio-rad, Hoeffer, etc.)?

We happen to have a BioRad model, and I am satisfied with it.

> How does semi-dry
> compare with standard blotting?

Some people claim that tank blotting is more sensitive. IMO a large
advantage of semi-dry blotting is that you need only a fraction of
the buffer, since preparing of buffers is not one of my favourites :-)

> Is stacking the gel sandwiches on top of
> one another to do multiple blots at once a problem?

Never tried this -- actually I never thought of this :-)


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