Request info on semi-dry blotters :)

Toumy Guettouche tguettou at newssun
Thu Sep 12 13:42:11 EST 1996

Dear Cornelius,

we also do tank blotting in our lab and we do transfers of large gels 
(12.5x15cm) which requires at least 20V/1amp when using Towbin buffer. The 
transfer unit( Idea Scientific, quiet old) gets therefore hot and has to 
be in the coldroom.  Transfer takes 2-3h to get a complete transfer. This 
unit might be outdated and there might be better stuff around, so sorry 
that I was a little to unspecific about it. On the other hand which buffer 
system are you using? I found that a discontinous buffer system (see ref 
in 1st msg.) does not heat up the stack too much when used properly 
(calculate amperage according to manufacturer, voltage usually around 10V but will 
increase to about 15-20V, enough buffer, no air etc.; for my gel size).
As I mentioned before, however, I have no experience with the Biorad semi 
dry transfer unit, but with Pharmacias Novablot (graphite) and Hoeffer 
TE77 (platinum coated).
I have transfered multiple gels(up to 4 on Pharmacia, two on Hoeffer) 
without any problems, when using PVDF membrane, pore size 2um.


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