Request info on semi-dry blotters :)

Cornelius Krasel krasel at
Thu Sep 12 08:44:17 EST 1996

Some tiny corrections.

Toumy Guettouche (tguettou at newssun) wrote:
> the differences between semi-dry and conventional blotting are as follows:
> 1) semi-dry-blotting is usually faster than convent. blotting (1h-1h30min 
> vs.3h-ON) .

When blotting minigels, we blot for approx. 1 h with both semi-dry and
tank blotting.

> 2)for semi you need a lot less buffer, it generates less heat (low current), 

I don't think semi-dry blotting generates less heat. We transfer minigels
at a current of 0.3 A (approx. 15 V). We do it at room temperature, though.

BioRad uses metal electrodes, not graphite. If you are not careful with
them, they tend to corrode. However, our department has its unit since
more than five years and still use the first electrodes.


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