Dale Karlson dtk at
Thu Sep 12 10:25:28 EST 1996

To whom it may interest,
	I am currently attempting to use lectins to qualify sugar residues on a
glycoprotein of interest which is fixed to a nitrocellulose membrane.  Color
reactions have been extremely faint.  I am using a concentration of 5 ug/mL;
is this appropriate?  Experimental concentrations in literature have been very
vague;  likewise the necessity of salt usage.
	The peroxidase labelled lectins that I am using are Ulex europaeus (UEA 
 1), Triticum vulgaris (WGA), Glycine MAX (Soybean), and Ricinus communis (RCA
120).  Do you know of specific proteins that could be used as positive controls
on my blot to gauge reaction time/intensity etc.?
	I appreciate any advice that you may provide for my questions.

                                                   Dale T. Karlson

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