Request info on semi-dry blotters :)

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Fri Sep 13 11:52:36 EST 1996

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>Dear Group,
>Does anyone have any experiences using a semi-dry blotter? 

I have used ATTO Corp.[Tokio Japan] semi-dry blotters with very good
results. Have metal electrodes and are well designed [consistent with the
design of their mini-slab systems, the best I've tried].
>How does semi-dry compare with standard blotting? 

 Semi-dry is not quantitative. 
I've always wondered if standard blotting really is.

 Is stacking the gel sandwiches on top of one another to do multiple blots
at once a problem?

In my experience generally is not a problem but occassionally I got
"blurred" westerns after stacking.

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Nuffield Dept Clinical Biochemistry
Oxford University
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