Enzyme assay for undergraduates

Achim Recktenwald achim at ibex.ca
Fri Sep 13 13:11:45 EST 1996

Todd Johnson wrote:
> I am in the process of developing a Biochem lab for undergraduate
> students and decided to look into a simple enzyme assay for kinetic
> studies.  In the past, we have isolated LDH from rat liver tissue,
> but this preparation requires paper work and approvals.  Moreover,
> preparation of LDH consumes nearly 1.5 hr of lab time for anly one
> section!  I was thinking about a simple crude B-galactosidase assay
> from E-coli.  The activity of the enzyme could be compared with
> preparations from LacZ- or nontransformed strains.
> I was wondering if anyone out there has developed a simple enzyme
> assay from bacteria or plants which would be appropriate for
> undergraduate kinetic studies.  Please feel free to offer advice on
> things to avoid.
> Please E-mail me directly: this topic is probably not of general
> interest!
> Todd M. Johnson
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> Todd M. Johnson, Ph.D.
> Chemistry Dept.
> Weber State University
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You might try to use glycolysis enzymes from baker's yeast. You only
have to sonicate the yeast 
and all the goodies are available. Baker's yeast can be bought  and is
even cheap in large quantities.


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