TFA and Disulfides

Satish Nair satish at
Mon Sep 16 18:12:17 EST 1996


I apologize for the naive nature of the following inquiry BUT:  I am
interested in linking together 2 peptides via a disulfide and then selectively
purifying the heterogeneously linked peptides from any homogeneously
linked peptides by reverse phase chromatography.  My question is... will
using TFA as a buffer reduce the disulfides to any appreciable extent
(since it is a good acid, hence a good proton donor)?  If so are there
alternate buffers (preferably denaturing) which can be used?

I realize that this sort of thing is done rather frequently but I could
not come up with an answer based on a cursory literature search.  Thanks
in advance,

satish nair

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