Request info on semi-dry blotters :)

DSF 76042.532 at CompuServe.COM
Tue Sep 17 10:38:02 EST 1996

I have a BioRad semi-dry blotter and I completely love it- it's 
about a thousand times easier than tank blotting and is 
considerably faster. It is also far more reliable and very 
forgiving. I've fried gels, and poached em; my labmate covered 
his like it was a kid under a queen sized blanket and he used 
blotting paper the thickness of toilet paper and we keep getting 
great transfers! So ok- I'd recommend that one. One of my 
labmates swears by the Pharmacia dry blot- I think it's great 
too, but I think the BioRad is even better for ease of use (and 
there's some personal voodoo). I guess you can stack gels- they 
recommend it for the BioRad- but I've never found the dialysis 
membrane they're talking about to separate gels (unless they mean 
for you to use strips of it) and they also say that the transfer 
efficiency decreases with each stacked blot. I usually cram them 
all together on the same level. The Pharmacia is bigger, so you 
can fit more of the big gels on it, but I have fit 2 big gels and 
4 minigels on the BioRad without stacking. G'luck

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