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Jim Hutchins hutchins at
Mon Sep 23 19:56:20 EST 1996

Dominique Schaller (dschalle at wrote:
: hi,
: I am looking for cheap stereo viewers for my students to look at 2-D 
: molecular models. Who could provide me with the address of a distributor 
: selling to Switzerland. An approximate indication of the price would 
: also be appreciated.
: Thank you in advance,
: C. Bordier
: bordier1 at

The easiest and cheapest stereo viewer is a pair of child's (toy) 
binoculars.  Remove the oculars if present and look through the binocular
tubes *backwards* (i.e., large diameter hole/window towards the eyes) to
use as a stereo viewer. 

This idea was published as a letter in _Science_ some years ago, but I
don't have the reference at hand.

It works by uncoupling the images to each of the two eyes.

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