Purification of proteins in denaturants

Sergey V. Shulga-Morskoy sergey at fibkh.serpukhov.su
Tue Sep 24 00:19:55 EST 1996

We used for purification recombinant gamma-subunit of rod phosphodiesterase
solubilized in 6M urea monoS column (Pharmacia, Sweden). Im think what
resins Q and S Sepharose FastFlow (Pharmacia),  HS and HQ (Perseptive
Biosystem) and resins Tosohaas (strong ion-exhange resin) also well.

	Sergey V. Shulga-Morskoy
	Branch of Shemyakin and Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic
	Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciense
	Regulatory Proteins Group

Blake Middleton <zaphod at mcimail.com> wrote
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> Does any one have any good suggestions for purifying proteins in
> denaturants (e.g.,6M urea, 4M guanidine)? .
> Sizing columns work poorly in these buffers and we have not found an
> ion-exhange resin to which the protein will bind in these buffers,
> Thank you.
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