Western blotting

Steve McClue steven_mcclue-1 at sbphrd.com
Tue Sep 24 08:20:05 EST 1996

In article <8383B093CD5 at botany.uq.edu.au>, Marcus at tpp.uq.edu.au wrote:

> Dear Netters,
>      Our lab are just getting into using western blotting 
> techniques.  My questions are these:
> 1) Do you think chemiluminescence is the way to go?  
Yup. ECL is more sensitive in my hands than silver staining, and by quite
a large margin.
> 2) What chemiluminescence systems have you had the best 
> success with?  (any ones we should avoid?)

Amersham's ECL kit works well. Your experiments will succeed or not due to the
specificity of your primary Ab rather than the effectiveness of the
detection method.
> 3)What to you think of ICN's Aurora Western blotting 
> system?  How about Amersham's ECL system? 

See above. I've not tried the ICN kit, although I've got a sample of the NEN kit
for evaluation at some time.  
> Thank you for your help.  It may save us many headaches in 
> the future.

I hope so!


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