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Wed Sep 25 18:48:12 EST 1996

     A company called Marks Polarized Corporation in Hauppauge, NY also 
     produces 3-D paper glasses which may be cheaper for students.  Sorry I 
     don't know the rest of the address.

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In <3246A6F0.1A22 at>, Dominique Schaller <dschalle at> 
>I am looking for cheap stereo viewers for my students to look at 2-D 
>molecular models. Who could provide me with the address of a distributor 
>selling to Switzerland. An approximate indication of the price would 
>also be appreciated.
The best, and cheapest, stereo viewers are those made by Taylor-Merchant Corp., 
New York City, New York USA. The model is called the Stereopticon 707. It is 
made of flat vinyl plastic and folds into place. This is the viewer which is 
included with some biochemistry textbooks. As I recall, the price is between $5 
and $7 US when purchased in quantity (>10 or 20).  UNfortunately, I do not have 
their complete address at hand. Others may know it; I will post it when I find 
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