light-sensitive peptidase

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Subject: Re: light-sensitive peptidase
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Somehow I don't think bio.hackers was originally intended for the kind
discussions that one might see in the* groups, but on the
hand, it certainly raises the level of the traffic!  I rather like the
of signal displacing noise in the alt.* groups, and especially to have
trivia displaced by by highly technical, non-computer discussions. 
the attack of the Rogue Biologists!  Coming soon to a newsgroup near

>Louis Hom (lhom at wrote:
>> In article <517qvs$p3h at>,
>> Serban San-Marina  <serban at> wrote:
>> >Does anyone have information on peptidases that can be either
>> >or inactivated by light? I would appreciate any leads. Thanks!
>> 	I don't know of any light-activated/inactivated peptidases, but
>> it's neat to think about.  It seems likely that there are caging
>> out there for making photo-activatable nucleophilic serines or

>Neat idea.

>You could inactivate metalloproteases by caged EDTA/EGTA. I hear that
>you can buy this stuff.

Interesting...  I've worked with EDTA/EGTA - made the stuff up, in fact
but is caged EDTA/EGTA a different form?  Made by some special,
needs-to-be-purchased process?

  Lisa Caroline
  lcl at

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