lipidating proteins

Mick Partis mick.partis at
Fri Sep 27 05:52:11 EST 1996

It is not clear to me what you mean by 'lipidate'.  I suspect that it is 
not clear to your enquirer either!  If you mean replacing existing lipid 
on a membrane protein by exogenous lipid, yes, this can be done by using 
a detergent chromatography technique.  If you mean can you adsorb lipid 
to a 'soluble' protein, the answer would have to be 'perhaps' - it 
depends on the lipid and the protein (BSA is a good example).  If you 
mean can you add lipid covalently, then the answer is 'probably', using 
standard cross-linking techniques, or by derivatizing the lipid.  It 
would be difficult to give a definitive answer without more details. 

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