Purification of RNA

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>Subject: Purification of RNA
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>Not sure if this is the right group for this but I thought I'd try my
>luck.  We l would like to purify large uquantities of RNA (5mgs) for
>our experiments.  I've been told that this would require splitting the
>samople up so that we'd need to run about 10 denaturing gels for
>purification.  This seems tedious; does anyone have a better approach to
>high resolution purification of enzymatically prepared RNA?  Thanks,

>satish nair


You could try HPLC. See Anderson et al (1996) HPLC purification of RNA for 
crystallography and NMR. RNA 2:110-117.

There have been a few other publications about HPLC purification of RNA but I 
don't have the refs. One was in BioTechniques.

Hope this helps.

Nigel Horscroft
Institute of Virology and Environmental Microbiology

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