Can I prepare SDS-PAGE gel mixes in advance?

Thorsten Schmidt Thorsten.Schmidt at
Sun Jan 12 08:40:33 EST 1997

Dear reader!

I make many Western blots and SDS-PAGE-gels.

For each gel, I have to mix
- Acrylamid-Mix (29 % acrylamid / 0,8 % bis-aa)
- Tris-Buffer
- Water
- 10 % SDS
- 10 % APS
to pour a 3% and a 10% gel.

Is there anything to be said against preparing a 3 % and a 10 % gel-mix
by mixing the componets (except for APS & TEMED) in advance?

It would minimize time by just adding TEMED & APS to a aliquot!
Or isn´t it good to store such a mix for a longer time?

Thank you for your answer

Thorsten Schmidt

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