N-terminal determination

Warren Gallin wgallin at gpu.srv.ualberta.ca
Thu Jan 16 19:09:34 EST 1997

In Article <32DE36CB.2D86 at usfca.edu>, Chihara <chihara at usfca.edu> wrote:
>I am looking for an easy, and hopefully relatively cheap way to 
>determine the N-terminal amino acid (yes just the end)  of a few 
>proteins blotted from a PAGE gel. Any suggestions other than a 
>microsequencer facility? [that's not cheap].

You could dansylate, hydrolyze, and run TLC with appropriate controls.  This
is well worked out, old technology (at least 20 years old, I learned it in a
biochemistry class).  You should be able to find the methods in older
methods handbooks.
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