Non-human factor Xa

Fred Hughson fhughson at
Fri Jan 17 09:46:36 EST 1997

alan friedman wrote:
> Does anyone know whether Factor Xa from non-humans can
> be used for cleavage of Factor Xa linked fusion proteins?
> (In the middle of corn country cow blood is easy to come by.)
> Are there protocols for making non-human Factor Xa?
> Thanks.
> alan friedman


As a graduate student, I purified about 50 mg Factor X from 6 liters of
bovine blood by following (exactly) the protocol given by Nagai and
Thorgersen [Meth. Enzymol. 153, 461-481 (1987)].  The procedure is
straightforward and extremely cost-effective, and you end up with
high-quality enzyme.

Fred Hughson

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