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> Currently, I am working with a cibacron blue dye columne to purify a
> dehydrogenase of my interest. The enzyme does not show activity without
> NAD. As far as I know, cibacron blue has a relatively strong affinity
> towards NAD requiring enzyme. To the contrary, the activity was found in
> non-bound fractoin in my case. Can anyone give me a reasonable explanation
> on this.
> I'd also like to know the optimized elution strategy for this dye column
> (although I know that it depends on the protein.).
> Thanks.
> Jang Lee,
> jylee at

the column may be saturated; it depends on how you carry out the
purification. Is the blue dye column the first step of the purification
procedure ? In this case, other enzymes may have a higher affinity for the
blue cibacron and so compete with the dehydrogenase that you want to
isolate. You can add a pre purification step: for instance, gel filtration
or ion exchange chromatography in order to obtain a fraction able to be
eluted specifically from the blue dye column.

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