LacZ staining in Drosophila midgut

Patrick Thibodeau pat-toes at
Wed Jul 2 16:30:56 EST 1997

Hello.  I am intersted in staining the inside of the Drosophila midgut 
to assay the presence b-gal.  I have tried several things and none of 
them have worked.  The larvae (3rd instar) will not eat food carrying
the lacZ stain substrates below.  Additionally, the stain will not work
because the KFeCN solutions are extremly sensitive to acids and will degrade.
Does anyone have another protocal for lacZ stains that might be les sensitive 
to the low pH (around 3) of the anterior midgut?  I would appreciate any help.

Patrick Thibodeau	
Univ. of Texas
pat-toes at 

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