Tris/tricine SDS-PAGE

Jay Miller jhmiller at
Thu Jul 3 13:02:17 EST 1997

Von Jagow and Schagger wrote a manual in 1995, A Practical Guide to Membrane
Purification, Academic Press, in which they suggest shrinking high percentage gels in
50% MeOH, 2% glycerol for 30-60 min and then drying at elevated temp. under vacuum.

In <5orive$6j0 at>, "Dr E. Buxbaum" <EB15 at> writes:
>skim at PLAZA.SNU.AC.KR wrote:
>>Dear everyone, 
>>I am trying to detect the low molecular weight(8KD) protein using
>>Tris-Tricine SDS-PAGE. But when I dried the gel, the gel was easily
>I equilibrate my gels in 10% glycerol in aq. bidest. for 30 min before 
>drying them. Keeps them nice and flexible.

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