Digitonin solubilization

Samuel P. Lee samuel.lee at utoronto.ca
Fri Jul 11 20:29:39 EST 1997

>The digitonin that we have (from Fisher) is very hard to dissolve in water
>solution: It requires dissolving in MeOH and then adding dropwise to the
>water solution. Boiling brings it into solution, but it comes out of
>solution, in part, again when the solution cools. I wish to avoid the
>possible interference from having 4% MeOH in my solution, and so ask if
>there is a watersoluble form of digitonin? Or how to make it go into

We purchase our digitonin from Gallard-Schlesinger (sp?). I have no scientific 
evidence for this, but, according to my predecessors, digitonin from Gallard 
stays in aqueous solution much better than digitonin from the more popular 
companies. It's more expensive, but, I believe it's worth the trouble caused 
by precipitating particles.

Boiling and vigorous stirring is still required to put it in solution, but, 
all of it usually stays in solution after it cools. After several weeks of 
storage, you sometimes start to see particle formation, but, you just boil the 
solution again.

Sam Lee
Department of Pharmacology
University of Toronto
samuel.lee at utoronto.ca

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