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Relibase by Manfred Hendlich is the first web based non-commercial service that
can access the PDB by true 2D search queries, on the 3D database.
3D queries are being developed now. However, results of the searches
are delivered in 3D via VRML options that can display the requested

RELIBase is an archive for structural data about receptor/ligand

The main purpose of RELIBase is to provide an selective and efficient 
access to the receptor/ligand complexes currently deposited in the 
Brookhaven Protein Databank (PDB) and to make 
the enormous wealth of information contained in the 
receptor/ligand structures available for structure based drug design

The www public accss relibase data base and search tools can
be used to input a sub-structure search object either by text,
a smiles string, or by an interactive java based molecule editor,
and the system can perform the following functions:

Fast identification of all ligands which contain a 
specific functional group

Identification of receptor/ligand complexes with specific 
spatial interactions

Analysis of interaction preferences of functional groups.


Protein modifications.

Cross links to several protein sequence databases and
the Beilstein Database of small molecules (not available on the WWW).

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