Structure and Dimensions of Polymerized Hemoglobin

JP jbp at
Mon Jul 14 18:49:34 EST 1997

Hello. I am an undergrad working on a couple of problems for a Biochem. 
class and was hoping that someone in this newsgroup might be able to 
point me in the right direction.  I must determine the structure and 
dimemsions of polymerized hemoglobin generated from the complete poly. 
from all the Hb in a single RBC.  Also I must determine the Ka for sickle 
cell Hb and Conc. of Hb in sickle cell cytoplasm.  I am a tad confused 
and any help ( recomended articles, books, or just a shove in the right 
direction) would be wonderful.
If possible please e-mail me directly

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