protein-protein interactions

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> Hi,
> Anybody has any references or any info about techniques for detecting 
> protein-protein interactions with colorimetric or fluoresence techniqes?
> I f the method could be applied for interactions of the protein 
> with itself -polymerization- that would be great.
> Thank you for your time,
> Stefan G. Sarafianos
> post-doc
> Center for Advanced Biothechnology and Medicine
> Rutgers university/UMDNJ
> Oiscataway, USA

Try looking up some of the work of the groups of Peter H. von Hippel or
Stephen J. Benkovic on the phage T4 DNA replication fork.  They have
studied the interactions of the gp45 clamp (which forms a trimer) with
itself and other proteins using fluorescence.

Looks like just what you are looking for


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